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Digital Design

We create all different kinds of digital design to communicate to your market segment. Digital design exposes your business to many people by creating a unified professional presence which is really important both online and offline to display to your customers that your are looking to have a long term relationship with them. We have great digital design packages, choose one that will benefit your customers and increase sales.

What is digital design?

We get this question a lot, it really means using computer software to create images, video and user interfaces to display a visual presentation of what you are trying to relay to your customer. At Purencool we specialise in areas of digital designs for example business logos, brochures, flyers, business cards, labeling, stationery and websites. Before we produce any digital design for your business we ask you some questions so we get to know you better and know who your ideal customer is, here are a few sample questions

Business budget and time constraints

  • Do you have a timeline when this project is to be completed?
  • What is your budget to get the works complete?

Custom digital design creation questions

  • How do you describe your services and products?
  • Where is your logo/stationery going to be used?
  • What message or feeling does your business convey?