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Flyers and Brochures

Advertising flyers and brochures have great potential to help with your marketing needs. They are used in small and medium sized businesses to send clear and concise marketing messaging to potential customers. They are quick to produce and are very flexible in their delivery. Purencool can create brochures or flyers once off or as a part of our flexible packages for business

The more attractive and user friendly a brochure or flyer design is it will effectively draw new or current customers to engage with your business. In the initial contact with you we always discuss aspects of your new advertising material that will benefit your situation the best. Some of the questions we ask are as follows

Business concerns to create your project

  • Do you have a timeline when this project is to be completed?
  • What is your budget to get the works complete?

Professional flyer creation questions

  • How do you describe your services and products?
  • Your customer target market has what age range?
  • What type of customer will see your logo?

Custom flyer design creation questions

  • Where is the flyer/brochure going to be used?
  • Use descriptive words that describe your business
  • Do already have imagery for your flyer/brochure?