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Logo Design

What makes professionally good logo design is a very easy answer. It has to be simple, memorable, timeless, versatile and appropriate. Our designers can create such a logo for your business. The need for a corporate image will set you apart from the rest and a well designed logo that displays the best image to your customer. Purencool have some great graphic design packages see for yourself

Using our graphic design skills we create you a set of logos to be use sorts of environments from stationery, business cards to online logos like social media and of course websites. To make sure that we design the best logo we can for you we have developed a list of questions to create your own custom logo to impress all potential and current customers. We will ask all these question for one reason a professional logo for your business

Business concerns to create your logo

  • Do you have a timeline when this project is to be completed
  • What is your budget to get the works complete

Professional logo creation company questions

  • How do you describe your services and products
  • What are your long term marketing goals
  • Your customer target market has what age range
  • What type of customer will see our logo
  • Who are your competitors and how are you different

Custom logo design creation questions

  • Where is your logo going to be used
  • Do you have a preferred typography
  • Currently is your business using a tag line and will it need to be in the logo
  • What are your current professional color for your business and do you want to keep using them
  • Use descriptive words that describe your business
  • What message or feeling does your brand convey
  • Do already have imagery that displays the idea for your logo
  • Are their other logos that appeal to you and why