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1. Planning marketing content for a business website design (Bendigo example).

Bendigo website design

The need to research your target market to maximize sales is important for any business and it is no different for a website. To give an example after researching the market a business finds their target market is geographical and local. It is essential the design of the website and content structure reflects this and if it is done correctly it can maximize the exposure to the local area.  This gives the business owner the potential to inform the customer about the great services and products on offer that need to discussed in a local context.

To illustrate your target market audience as a Bendigo builder might be located from Bendigo to Melbourne and throughout Central Victoria. Knowing this audience the website design and content can reflect these terms and your website will reflect geographical boundaries that are set by our market research. With the Bendigo builder knowing the type of customer and the search words they use this allows the business designed website to give a greater online dominance and the ability to help make an impression on the customer. After some research we found that customers that were looking for builders between Bendigo and Melbourne would search for terms like the following:

  1. New homes for sale
  2. Local builders
  3. Building companies
  4. Bendigo builders
  5. Castlemaine builders
  6. Kyneton builders
  7. Melbourne builders
  8. Central Victorian builders 

What business website terms do you think your target market would search for?