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2. The design is too busy or does not fit into your market (Castlemaine example).

Castlemaine shop

This is not to say that your website should be bland with no design but if the design has too many elements or does not reflect the needs of the customer and the way they perceive you it can become an issue. If the elements that are being displayed are not coherent it can even drive a customer away from the website and affect a businesses market share.

The owner of a Castlemaine Bed and Breakfast with attached restaurant needs a business designed website. Currently they have a website that looks ok but it does not work on a mobile phone and it is using technology that has not been updated in quite a few years. They have noticed that people coming to their website (website traffic) are not going to the contact page.

Why? It's as simple as the contact link is not really visible on the home page. They decide that they want to update the design so they can make it easier for potential clients to make contact so the selling of their service can begin.

Castlemaine business needs to display the feelings and atmosphere of the Castlemaine Bed and Breakfast. What do you think they would need to incorporate to achieve more leads?  Some keywords we came up with are:

  1. Relaxed atmosphere 
  2. Warm and friendly 
  3. Hospitality 
  4. Tasty traditional food
  5. Cosy country town environment 

Would you not agree that if the Castlemaine business displayed the image below on their website it would ruin the design and push the customer away? So always make sure that your brand is not compromised by the websites design.