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3. Paying too little or too much (Woodend example)

Aerial photo of woodend

Simply do your research about the type of person or agency you want to engage with to assist you with your on-line brand. It is imperative to research who is best to look after your needs and on-line presence. Price is a factor but if it is the only factor it will affect the design and development of a website. Below we have some questions that can help you when looking to engage a website designer or developer:

  1. What does my business website design need?
  2. Who are the providers of a business website design?
  3. What did they ask about me?
  4. How open were they about their fees?
  5. When will they complete my goals?
  6. Did they ask me about my target market?

An example is a Woodend gardening business that provides services to the Macedon Ranges Shire.  The Woodend gardening business has a brand that needs protecting and the Macedon Ranges has a lot of large properties that need servicing and the clientele is technically savi. The budget of the website is tight so they decide to do one of the following:

  1. Get someone with a limited knowledge but is really cheap.
  2. Do it themselves even though they have no experience in this area.

What do you think the result will be? We see this often and the outcome is it will cost the Woodend business more money and more time in the long run. The solution is simple and easy to fix all the Woodend gardening business needs to do is spend a little time doing some research.