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4. Stale, out-of-date content (Melbourne example)

Melbourne skyline

Stale, out-of-date content broadly trying to access all markets is not only a danger but it can be to a websites detriment. Customers usually come to your website wanting to know about your services and product if your content is out of date they will more likely leave the website. If you update your content regularly, we recommend weekly is great, it can help you drive new customers to your website and keep search engines happy. Making sure that the information is relevant to your target markets needs.

A Melbourne based industry has a website that is updated weekly but is finding they are not getting any leads through the business designed website. It has a great design it is SEO friendly and they have researched their client base. So what's going on? After looking at the content they are writing they find that the information is not relevant. They start adding information about their business products and services. Over time their relevance to the search engines becomes more relevant and they see results. Their market share increases and they increase their business leads that are coming from their website.