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Bendigo small business using social media

Small business using social media

The local Bendigo and Central Victorian weekend markets are part of our culture and have been around for years.  But some of these small businesses are embracing social media to communicate their message. Talking to one shop owner they have found their current customers were talking about them days after the purchase on social media and this has allowed for more purchases from their online shop. 

What the shop owner had done was inadvertently created a community around the product that can extend their customer base.

If you wanted to do this yourself one way is to encourage your customers to answer one of the following questions when they are using social media:

  • What does the customer love about your product?
  • What encourages them to be a part of a community around the product?
  • What has made a customer excited enough to talk about you?
  • What difference did you make to them?

This encourages communication not only with you but also with others that the customer is interacting with and helps promote a positive message. Yes, getting others to talk about the goods or services you provide allows the community to want to engage with you.