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How to write a blog post

Depicts search engines and design that helps

Before you start blogging for your business make sure you understand who your target market is and anything that is relevant to the customer. After some research on this subject we found some relevant information on how to a write blog posts, below we have a summary on how to write good copy for your website.

Keywords need to be relevant

As a search engine is checking your website for good copy one of the first things it sees is your URL. By adding keywords about the topic to your url that you are discussing it gives the search engines and user alike the ability to do an exact word match.  For example… displays keywords that the search engine and the customer can use when finding a subject, eg: branding and marketing.

Subtitles and quote block

Subtitles and quote blocks help to visually break up the information for the user while they are reading it. Another affect is the search engines will track users movements while on the website and the more engaged your potential customer is the more likely you will get a better ranking in the market segment you are accessing.

Do I need a call to action?

Ultimately we want our users to do something, after all that is why you have created a website and put all that effort into creating great copy. Some call to actions could be 'come and visit us', or  'email us if you want to know more', and so on. The trick is not to be too pushy as this will turn people away but make it clear and easy to understand what you want them to do. As the potential customer spends more time looking at your information they will be moved by your call to action.

How should I write good copy?

Make sure the content is natural, informative and unique this will encourage users to want to read anything that is written and potentially pass it on to others via social media or by some other means. Make sure that your content has relevant keywords about the subject that you are promoting in the content, Do not make it too long and make sure you break it up with titles as this helps the reader to stop scanning. The text needs to be natural this not only helps with search engines but also the customer. Always ensure that context of the information describes what you are trying to promote in your copy. I hope these tips help.. happy blogging!