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Local Business talks Digital - VogueNature Flowers

Nestled among the Bendigo cbd hustle and bustle, VogueNature Flowers sits pretty with a window display of King Proteas and Ornamental Kale. Owner and manager Selina is surrounded by what she loves, flowers and visual artistry. On a recent visit, we asked her how she got started in her own business and what digital business goals she has.

How long have you been in business?
I have been in business for roughly 2 years.
How did you get started?
I have always had a love of flowers, and whilst studying visual arts at university, started working at a local florist. I then went on to do my apprenticeship and open the business and the rest is history. 
What are your distribution channels?
I started the business from home, so initially my distribution channels were solely through Facebook, Instagram and word of mouth. I then began doing Trove Makers Market and Moonlight Market. I still rely heavily on social media, but having a shop front (now) does a lot of the work for you.
What's your biggest challenge?
Running a business is the entire challenge. It's harder than I could have imagined and more rewarding than I could have imagined also. 
Locally what would you like to see happen to support other small enterprises?
I think Bendigo does very well in supporting small business, which makes me very proud. I just think the more networking the better. Promoting and supporting other businesses is very important to me, and when you do, you see that returned ten fold. 
What do you know now that you wished you knew when you started?
Just how much I would have to put myself out there. 
(And I probably should have listened to my beautiful partner when he tried to warn me numerous times how challenging this was going to be) ha ha! 
How important is social media/online marketing to your business?
Social media is imperative in marketing my business. It is the perfect opportunity to showcase my work visually and a chance for people to get to know me as a person if they can't make it into the shop. They get to see my heart and soul through Facebook and Instagram.
What is your #1 tip for running a successful small business?
When you think everything's going backwards, just remember you made it this far and all this hard work can't have been for nothing. So always be present and work work work work work!
You have a website already what would you like it to do better for your business?
I would like the 'shop online' option to be better and easier for my clients so there is no fuss. Instant blooms! 
Where do you see your business this time next year?
Still growing. Always plenty of things to learn and ways to improve. 
So if you're in Bendigo pop down to VogueNature Flowers 82 Pall Mall Bendigo or check out her signature blooms on Instagram and Facebook, be sure to tell her we sent you!
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