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Web design tips

website design  tips to product more leads

Before engaging a web design company to boost their online profile, business owners can gain better results by understanding some fundamental website design terminology used by the industry. So you can discuss the needs of your business with a website design company in a professional way we have compiled some tips to help you give your on-line presence prolonged results.

1. Digital branding needs to be consistent

A website needs to be digitally branded in the same way a physical bricks and mortar shop front is, creating a unified professional image online. Customers are now looking online before they even pick up the phone and small to medium business need to guard against not being noticed.  One way to assist you to achieve a successful outcome in this regard decide very early on what colours needing to be used on your web design.

Web designers will use your logo also to create foundation colors for the rest of the website. The advantage of using professional graphics or photos will complement and enhance your content so don't shy away from the idea. When talking to the designer ask questions like,

  • How is this going to be consistent with my current brand?  
  • Will this design display what is most important to my customer?
  • Does the design and branding the web designer is offering me fit my brand?

These things will help not only you get the right answers the web designer will love you as you will be communicating your vision

2. Web design needs various contacts points

Web designers today are very mindful of market segmentation and communicating to the customer the instruction needed to create leads.  The most effective property everyone can use is adding their contact details thoroughly across the entire web design. Display the business details prominently at the top and bottom of every page, these details include:

  • Email address
  • Your physical address
  • Map of your business
  • Directions
  • Hours of operation
  • Visitors form for more information

3. Web designed pages need to be easy to read

One of the contentions with the advent of the internet was web design had to combat not only people just scanning information but also the lack of typography. Those days are now gone but with the speed at which people access the Internet, they need clear communication that will provide the maximum benefit in  a short amount of time.

By having a web design using the "F" pattern  and the use of bold headings making the information very clear, even the navigation can be a part of the "F" design so it helps the user clearly understand your goals. A web designer needs to consider these things when creating your design making pages easy to scan by remembering the “F” pattern principle in the layout.

4. Your design needs a call to action

A Call-To-Action makes sure that the customer easily understands what you want them to do, this can only be done by using language that prompts them to take action. When you see these phrases in the design make sure the language fits your market segment. Wikipedia has a great article What is a Call to Action?, and below are some commonly use phrases a designer may employ as Call to Actions in a layout.

  • Learn more
  • Make an appointment
  • Get a price or quote
  • Buy now
  • Request a demonstration
  • Call now
  • Sign up
  • Follow us
  • Call now free consultation 
  • Free estimate 
  • Visit us
  • Ask us about

Using these concepts in your  web design not only create context and relevance to a customer but they will also remember your web design as something they want to recommend to others and return to your website for more information in the  future