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What domain name should my business choose

Imagine you are looking at a map of a large city, you notice that it is broken down into districts, provinces or suburbs. Inside the suburbs there are streets, courts and roads. A domain name is based on the same concept. An example of this the city is www the suburb is .com and the street is purencool. This concept was designed because every domain name on the internet has a number attached to it. Essentially this number is an identifier so that computers are able to swap information about the domain name and the content that is associated with it. The domain name works great but before one is purchased some things need to be considered.

Should the domain name be the same name as the website?

You need to ensure that your domain name and the websites name are the same, the reason is mainly for continuity. If you type in the url and the site displays fluffy cats and the site calls itself How cakes are baked, the bounce rate with which people will leave will be faster than the speed of light. People do not like the unexpected when they are looking for something specific, this does not mean that it has to be exactly the same but it has to display a strong resemblance.

Can I have a long URL?

Having a long url or domain name is not a good idea as no one will type it out, it will discourage your user and you will loose valuable traffic. This is why you have a website, for the chance that people will discover your site, typing a long url takes away from this. Something else to consider when choosing your domain name is the way a person accesses it so that you can create the conversation that you need to communicate, on the web you only have seconds to capture their attention, having a long url only cuts down this time.

How can I test my Domain?

OK, so you have thought about your audience and the goals that your new website is trying to achieve and you have narrowed your domain name choices down to a short list of five, now which one do I choose? The answer is you don't. The proper way to find out is do some testing. There are a couple of ways to do this including questionnaires, other avenues that need to be explored are saying it over the phone, getting people to try and write in down and to say it out loud. It will become evident quickly what issues that your domain name will have if it goes public.

What are the benefits of owning a domain?

The internet has made this world a smaller place. By owning a domain name a business can display their business in their local area and to the world. For example if a construction company can display his works to a user who is looking to get their house built this creates the conversation straight away, displays proof of works and if done properly this will encourage familiarly and when contact is made the builder has a head start. If you want to know more or just comment on our website contact purencool.