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What is good business card design?

What is good business card design

Getting noticed within your prime market can be difficult. As always being noticeable and different does help your chances of increasing customer leads. The business card is the prime example of levering yourself as capable and noticeably different from your competitors. The question is How do I make that difference? When talking to your graphic designer about what you can achieve try applying the following ideas to your design

Design your business card to be different

The vast amount of business cards are clones of each other with a lot of similarities. A potential customer will touch many businesses that offer your services or products before they make a decision about whom they are going to affiliate themselves with. A potential customer needs to remember your brand and business card as different.

A good graphic designer will make sure they understand why your business is different and create a business card to suit with questions that pinpoint your business's brand identity and what you want to display to the public. When they have completed your business card design it should emotionally engage a customer with terms like 'great design', 'wow' and others.

What quality and size should a business card be?

A poor quality card is reflecting on the business itself, it implies the business might have poor quality products and services. If a business card feels sub-standard the customer will cognatively associate that feeling to your business and this potentialy could stop the sale in its tracks. The lesson we all need to remember and come to terms with is a business card needs to be designed with attributes that fulfil your customers needs.  We always encourage clients to think about the following

  • Don't skimp on the quality of card type
  • An embossed logo can be an advantage
  • The cards' consistancy should be pleasing to touch and be substantial
  • Make sure that it is a standard 90 x 55mm size
  • It has to be able to fit in most business card holders or slots in a wallet

What needs to be included in a business card design?

A digital design expert with marketing eyes will not only design a business card that is different, will get noticed, and be cosmetically pleasing, they will always follow some simple principles to establish clear and easy to understand communication, for instance

1. The design is easy to read, this is a critical part of any business card, people don't want to get eye strain trying to read it. A digital designer always tests the design for readability ensuring it is clear and uncluttered with your target customer in mind. For example if your customer is in a higher age bracket it is important the font is a little larger.

2. Colour is really important and by using it you will be surprised by the response you get. Graphic designers will always encourage the use of colour, the reason for this is to make you stand out. As long as the design is not too busy or takes away from the information you are communicating it will help assist brand recognition and engagement.

A designer is right to encourage the use of colour and clean design on one side of your business card as this helps with you standing out from your competitors and that is what everyone wants. One trap many graphic designers can get into is using too much colour on both sides of a business card, it can affect the information the business is trying to communicate.

3. When getting your business card designed make sure the graphic designer has the following details to add to your business card and that they are correct. With all that effort by the designer the last thing you would want is to end up in a sad situation of beautifully designed cards but incorrect details.

  • Your Name
  • Position
  • Business name
  • Email Address
  • Website URL

Finally a business card is a selling tool and many sadly miss the chance to add a unique selling proposition to the design. If your digital design expert encourages you to add a selling point this is always a good thing to do and it never hurts to point it out to the customer as you give them your fantastically designed business card.