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What is website hosting?

There are many website hosting providers in our local area include purencool (purencools business hosting plans and purencools small business hosting plans) But what does your business website need? The answer really depends on what your website does. Below I've divided different types of hosting into some main categories. 

Shared Hosting (Virtual Hosting)

Shared Hosting is designed to have one computer that has multiple websites from many organisations. This is great for small to medium businesses that don't have a lot of users visiting their site. It also assists in keeping costs down making it cost effective for anyone that wants to purchase this product. The main problem with this service is the speed that the page loads which at times can be slow because other users are asking other sites on the same computer for information, but this rare.

Virtual Server (VPS)

Virtual Servers are computers inside computers (no, that is not a joke). You have computer hardware and inside the server there can be multiple computers. The advantages with this product is each computer only has what the organisation wants on it, if they only want one website that is it. This increases speed and the amount of users that can access it at any one time.

Dedicated Server

A Dedicated Server is one computer that is owned by one organisation. This is super fast and it can store as much information as the computer can hold. This product is used for sites that have a lot of users asking for information that its organisation provides over the internet.

Cloud Computing

This is a new and exciting technology but is not easy to explain. Imagine that you have a whole lot of computers that are acting as one. It stores may websites from many organisations. The advantage is its flexibility, for instance if one website gets more users trying to access the cloud it can compensate and use its resources to ensure speed and information are constant and easy to access. 

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