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Whats Google Amp?

What is Google AMP pages

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) or Amp-html really have two benefits for website owners to increase their sites page ranking. AMP is really designed for your mobile customers accessing content through a search engine. The benefits for the user are enormous and will assist in customer conversions. This video demonstrates how AMP works and why all website owners should start using it.

What is Google AMP?

Technically Google is not the only company developing  the Accelerated Mobile Pages standard but as the major contributor for now they are governing the way this standard is being developed. The focus of AMP is so organisations who are publishing content for mobile devices can load it faster and in a visually superior mobile format. With the introduction of mobile websites a number of years ago website developers promoted the creation of adaptive design or how the website would perform on different screen sizes.  It accomplished its purpose though the trade off was it made the loading time noticeably slower with a profusion of assets being loaded on your mobile device that was not required for the mobile screen.

AMP has been created to clear up the loading of excessive unseen website assets in a mobile context not only speeding the website up but increasing User Experience. Using the AMP coding standard on your website will inform search engines that you have an AMP friendly version to display on a mobile device.

Is AMP speed important?

AMPs main attribute is speed with fewer assets to load using the AMP coding standard version of the content. This will decrease the bounce rate of users on your website. Anyone with a smart phone knows the pain that is fostered when searching for a topic on the web only to find that a website takes forever to load and at times does not load at all. That is why Amp-html is needed it stops the customer failing to connect to your product or service because of frustratingly slow loading times.

AMP is designed to stop contention from arising in your customers it allows website owners to optimise the exposure of the users mobile browser experience. By creating content that is quicker to load with designs that are specifically designed to work on that medium, your customer has a greater chance of connecting with you. See the AMP version of this page and notice the load time difference.

Will you benefit from AMP pages?

Major websites around the world have started using the AMP standard to amplify their exposure to their customers. Some names that are officially affiliating themselves are CNN, ABC North America, Business Standard Asia and a plethora of many others.

Yes, you the website owner will benefit from AMP as well, with the ability to speed up the delivery of content to the customer on heir mobile device. The way that Google is currently displaying AMP pages in their search results on mobile allows the customer to see your services and products in a really user friendly manner and first impression are important on the web as each website owner has only a small amount of time to publicise your motive to a potential customer and convert them into a lead. 

AMP has endless SEO potential that could be used on mobile web including the selling of products, services, geographical location and countless other situations. An AMP enhanced website has so much potential Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 has the ability to create AMP pages for your business and elevate you in search rankings. This can and will only forge greater customer participation on your website.