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Why small business needs to be branded well

Why small business needs to be branded well

Many small business owners are so busy with just getting the day to day tasks accomplished to generate revenue that branding their business may come low on the to-do list. We've all seen the big companies advertising and marketing themselves to create brand awareness. You think, 'But they're corporate or international businesses, they have masses of staff whose sole job it is to promote and communicate with their audience, in my business it's just me.' 

Is branding just for the high end multi million dollar global businesses, or can small business benefit from a strong branding strategy too?

Why do small businesses need a brand?

No matter what business you have, if you've got a business, you've got a brand, simple. Whether you are a window cleaner, a tradie or run a cafe, you're business matters and will definitely be boosted by creating a strong brand strategy. How you might ask? Think about replacing the word "brand" with "reputation", what is the impression your business makes on others? Do they know you exist and if so what is the perception of you on your audience?

To successfully answer these question firstly evaluate what is special about your business or your unique selling point USP, are you offering any point of difference to stand out from the crowd? Then think about how can you relay this to your target market in a positive light, they need to know this information so make it easy for them to identify you and become top of mind. Addressing these points and then actively taking steps to manage your businesses branding will increase your presence in the market, create stronger brand awareness and directly expand your leads.

What you stand for & who you are aiming at 

Branding is going to help you transmit a good impression of your business all of the time. When you have a brand that you are proud of and gets you excited, that will show in your dealings with others as enthusiasm breeds enthusiasm. By applying your brands values to everything you do, and being clear and consistent you are broadcasting a positive confident message to your market, in turn installing consumer confidence in you.

When you are a small business owner you have a brand whether you like it or not, so why not take full advantage and brand yourself well. Consider everything about your business, your company name, the way you answer the phone, your business cards, website, is your logo on every piece of communication you send out? All these things build a foundation to create an impression of your business, so ensure that it is all cohesive and makes a strong branding identity for your audience to find and remember you.

Allowing digital branding to complement brand awareness is important to your customers this verified in some research conducted b Nielsen 2012 where they discussed branding and customer trust Remember If you've got a business, even a small business,  then you've got a brand, use it to gain greater market awareness. So that's all good but how much does it cost for a small business to brand themselves well, up next we will be discussing How to brand your small business on a budget.