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World wide support for the Drupal framework

Like all good products that are used a world wide support network is essential. This ensures that the most complex of situations can be solved with little effort or anxiety to the owner. For us at Purencool we are amazed at the level of sheer technological backup that we have at our disposal. We have found the support for the Drupal framework nothing but amazing. The ability to source the tools needed is like nothing we have ever seen. This gives us the confidence to use this in nearly all of the projects that we facilitate and complete.

Drupal supports its own modules

An example of this is the switch from a WordPress website to Drupal one. Drupal provides a tool that extracts the data from the WordPress database and modifies it so that it could be placed into its Drupal counterpart. The tool worked without any issue (we thought). As the development was moving a long we found the URL in the Content Management System were not matching the content on the page and with so many articles it would have taken hours to completely fix them. We of course lent on Drupal support and only five minutes later all was restored, saving hours of work. The import tool had copied the urls twice, after this issue was fixed the problem was solved.

Drupal supports our code

Drupal has the ability to allow the user to write their own code and get it to work on their website if they would like or they can pay a developer to do the work. We were in the process of developing a module and came up against a piece of the code that would not work on the website at all, as we were working on a solution we contacted Drupal support and they not only reviewed the code they gave suggestions on how we could make provision to extend the life of the code with the up coming release of Drupal 8.

Drupal support tells the truth

Drupal support also keeps up with current website technologies. Currently the support network is working on refining its mobile web implementation and we have been seeing some great articles that give website owners the tools to show their customers a mobile version of their website. The support mechanism for Drupal have already been giving realistic and truthful answers to all the questions that we have about this implementation. We are happy to get this sort of information as it allows us to have the ability to plan for the future and give our Bendigo clients a realistic time line with what we can achieve today in the mobile space and what is coming in the future. Yes this framework and its support network has for us been utterly faultless. This is why we have nothing but praise for Drupal it gives us the confidence that we can provide our Bendigo clients a high quality framework to support their online objectives and goals.