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Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Our Search Engine Optimisation will get you results, let us help you showcase your business to your target audience. Below is our checklist that we apply to all our customers websites

Page view SEO

  • Page title phase is applicable to your market
  • Test other sub-headline search phrases
  • Images, video and other media work for target search phrase
  • Analyse content on the page for flow and search phrase optimising
  • Ensure your website is augmented for specific country, state, city or regional searches
  • Check the inclusion of social media links and interaction with your website

Code optimisation

  • Test search phrase in the page URL if possible
  • Ensure title copy is unique and keyword strong
  • Meta description creation for ranking a page and matches market copy
  • Test website is mobile ready
  • Analyse code to ensure it is semantically correct