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Web design and Usability

We can create a custom website design with purposeful user experience for small business right through to a large company's intranet, e-commerce or public facing website. With our market research of your target audience, our processes and testing allow us to immediately understand visually what your customer needs, getting them to action an intent that will either create a lead or relay to them your message. Our digital design packages and web design packages have usability practices built into them see which one suits your needs.

When developing a custom design with an engaging user interface all our projects are created into three main sections. We test all our websites against industry design and UX standards, when these high design standards are met it will always increase the website owners conversion rates. Below we have a design and UX checklist that our designers test websites against, to keep high standards for all our customers.

Content presentation and structure

  • Is the contents purpose clear for the customers target market?
  • What is the clear and consistent message needed?
  • Do Call-To-Action phrases engage the right customers?
  • How does a user interpret what is 'above the fold'?
  • Is the content layout engaging on each page?
  • Do the design features enhance the content?

Users visual engagement

  • Can the user see what they want from the website?
  • Are they able to understand what they need to do in under 5 seconds?
  • Is the website designed for the user to engage?
  • What Call-To-Action do they see on the landing pages?
  • Do the customers get assistance in navigating the website?

Customer usability

  • Is the website able to work on different sized screens?
  • Does it work on all different types of browsers?
  • Are users with accessibility issues able to navigate your website?
  • Is the loading time affecting user engagement?